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Gypsy Jazz Guitar Course ‘Lead Guitar Fundamentals’ Released!

Gypsy Jazz Lead Guitar Fundamentals

I’m excited to say that my new on-line gypsy jazz guitar course, Lead Guitar Fundamentals, is now available at Studygypsyjazz.com.

The course took almost a year to produce, including writing, filming and editing. I’m very happy to be able to share it with you.

This course is intended as the ‘other side of the coin,’ so to speak, to my début course gypsy jazz Rhythm Guitar Fundamentals, which was released in April 2015. Together, these two courses offer a comprehensive study of the essential techniques and vocabulary.

If you’re interested, you can check out both the courses here!

Gypsy Jazz Chord Book & Gypsy Jazz Backing Tracks Released

gypsy jazz chords, learn gypsy jazz


There have been some exciting updates to my online platform for learning gypsy jazz guitar, Studygypsyjazz.com!

I have released a 10 page downloadable PDF book of all the essential gypsy jazz chords needed for playing the style. This e-book includes over 40 diagrams of popular gypsy jazz chords, each given with the root note as a ‘C.’ Gypsy jazz chord voicings covered include major, minor, 7th and altered chords. Please check it out here if you are interested in learning the style! For thorough instruction in gypsy jazz rhythm guitar, please also check out my debut online guitar course ‘Rhythm Guitar Fundamentals.’

In other news, there are now over 15 backing tracks for gypsy jazz standards available to stream at Studygypsyjazz.com. You can find these on the backing track page here. I have also released a premium Gypsy Jazz Chord Vamp Backing Track Pack. This pack features extended gypsy jazz chord vamps so that students can practice improvising over individual chord types. Please check it out here!

Studygypsyjazz.com featured in Guitar World Magazine!

Gypsy jazz lessons, gypsy jazz rhythm, gypsy jazz guitar

Studygypsyjazz.com featured in Guitar World Magazine!


www.studygypsyjazz.com has been featured in the online edition of Guitar World, the worlds most popular guitar magazine!

The feature article focuses on the debut course I have released at www.studygypsyjazz.com, ‘Rhythm Guitar Fundamentals,’ which deals with the essential technique and chord-vocabulary components of learning gypsy jazz swing rhythm guitar.

You can check out the article by clicking HERE

To learn gypsy jazz guitar online, please visit www.studygypsyjazz.com

All the best


Harry Edwards Trio Perform Live On ABC Radio National

Harry Edwards Trio ABC Radio National

Harry Edwards performs live on ABC Radio National

This week was a busy week for the trio. One of the highlights was a performance with the trio of original compositions live on ABC Radio National, as part of ABC’s coverage of Dark Mofo’s Winter Feast in Hobart, Tasmania.

As ABC’s house band for the feast, we played a number of songs throughout their coverage. A big thanks to presenter Michael Mackenzie for getting us on board!

Learn Gypsy Jazz Online With Harry @ www.studygypsyjazz.com !

Hobart Band, Hobart Jazz Band, Hobart Wedding Band, Tasmanian Band, Tasmanian Wedding Band

Learn gypsy jazz guitar online with Harry!

I am very excited to say that the website I have been working on for almost a year for learning gypsy jazz / Jazz Manouche guitar online is now live!

Our debut course, ‘Rhythm Guitar Fundamentals,’ is now available for enrollment.

Please check it out at: http://www.studygypsyjazz.com

If you have a few moments, please ‘like’ our Facebook page to help spread the word!


Much appreciated and all the best,


New album available on Band Camp!

The new CD of all original compositions by the Harry Edwards Trio is now available via BandCamp!

You can order a limited edition signed copy for $20, or download a digital version for $10.


Bandcamp is a great platform where nearly all profits go directly to the musicians, which helps us bring the music to you!

We are launching the CD in Tasmania with two shows, one in Ulverstone at the Ulverstone Wharf on January 30th, and another in Hobart at the Rosny Barn as part of the Clarence Jazz Festival on February 19th. Hope to see you there.



Post-tour thoughts; Upcoming MONA gig; Tassie CD launch dates; Tour review & photos;

Well our little tour is over. We had a great time. A huge thanks to everyone who came to our gigs, played with us, put us up for the night and gave us petrol money by buying CDs. We hope to do another tour sometime in the near future, so hopefully we’ll see y’all again soon.

Our next gig is Sunday dec 21st at MONA, Hobart 1-4pm. Hope to see you there!

We are launching our CD in Tasmania with two shows. The first is a north-west launch in Ulverstone at the Ulverstone Wharf on Friday January 30th 2015. The Hobart launch will be at the Rosny Barn as part of the Clarence Jazz Festival on Thursday February 19th. We’re really looking forward to these gigs, please come along if you can!.

Here is a recent review of the OzManouche festival, where we supported Robin Nolan at the Brisbane Jazz Club:


And some photos of the festival:


Mainland east-coast tour to promote CD. Tasmanian album launches in January/February

Well the trio had a great time recording our CD in early October, with the help of the very talented audio engineer George Goerss. We have since had the recordings mixed and mastered by George, and some excellent CD cover and booklet design put together by Milton Andrews at Square Peg Design.

Next week we start a mini-tour of of the east coast of Australia to share our music and new CD with people in Melbourne, Canberra, Dubbo, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Toowoomba. The highlight will be our performance at the annual gypsy jazz festival in Brisbane, ‘OzManouche,’ where we will be supporting international gypsy jazz maestro Robin Nolan. That should be fun, and it will be good to meet Robin.

Here are the dates for our mainland mission. Hope to see you at one of the shows!









We’ll be launching our CD in Tasmania with a Hobart show at the Rosny Barn on Thursday February 19th as part of the Clarence Jazz Festival. We’ll also be doing a north-west Tasmania launch on Friday January 30th at the Ulverstone Wharf. More details to come about those two shows.

Formation of the Harry Edwards Trio and upcoming album release

Whilst away overseas I did quite a bit of songwriting. Writing has always been my core interest as a musician really. I love to play guitar, and to play music with others, but writing original material has always been my main source of enjoyment as a musician.

With all this new original material, my trio has decided to change its name from Django’s Tiger to the Harry Edwards Trio. Whilst I’ve always been reluctant to use my own name as a band name, advice I received from professional musicians whilst overseas has changed my view on this, especially with the emphasis on original material the trio seems to be taking.

We’ve decided to leave Django’s name out of it for now. We’ll still be playing some classic gypsy jazz numbers in our sets, however our focus is now very much moving towards original music.

To that end I am excited to announce that we are recording our debut CD next week, with the help of a successful Pozible crowdfunding campaign in partnership with Arts Tasmania. For the recording we are hiring St John’s Church in New Town, Tasmania. This historic church has beautiful acoustics, and I don’t think we could have found a better venue to record our CD. The CD will feature the compositions written during my time in Europe this year, and will be released in early December 2014, followed by a mini tour of Tasmania, and the east coast of Australia.

Back from studying gypsy jazz in the U.S.A and France

A few weeks ago I arrived back in Hobart after spending 3 months overseas studying gypsy jazz guitar.

This trip was made possible due to the huge generosity of arts funding bodies the Australian Arts Council, Arts Tasmania, Regional Arts Tasmania and the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia. Without the funding of these organisations the scope of my trip would have been much smaller. A huge thanks to all of them. For Australian musicians/artists reading this, please look into these organisations as a possible source of funding for your arts practice, I’ve linked the above titles to the relevant websites. One great opportunity is the Art Start program offered by the Australian Arts Council

I spent most of my time overseas living just outside of Paris, in the suburb Aubervilliers. I also spent a few weeks in the U.S.A. at the start of my trip where I went along to the annual Django in June music camp.

It was a great few months, and kind of seems like it was a bit of a dream now that I’m back in Tasmania. I met so many brilliant musicians and went along to countless jam sessions and concerts in Paris, and took many lessons with the world’s leading experts in gypsy jazz style guitar playing.

I was very very fortunate to be able to take some lessons from my favorite guitar, Sebastien Giniaux. This was a dream come true for me. Sebastien is such an incredible musician, and a really nice guy too. Some other musicians I had the fortune of studying with while abroad were Mathieu Chatelian, Samy Daussat, Tcha Limberger, Christophe Lartilleux, Thomas Baggerman, Reinier Voet, William Brunard, Romain Vuillemin, Jean-Philippe Watramez, and Antoine Boyer.

It is great to be back in Tasmania, where I look forward to sharing what I’ve learnt with students and audiences alike.

Whilst away I also purchased a beautiful French-made gypsy jazz guitar, handmade by master guitar luthier Antoine Prabel, who lives just outside of Lyon in France. Antoine and I first met at the Samois-sur-Seine Festival of Django Reinhardt in June this year, where jazz-manouche luthiers annually display their wares. He had one guitar in particular that really left an impression on me, but had already sold.

When I visited him in Lyon two months later, he had made me two guitars to try. I walked away with the beautiful model you can see on the homepage of this website, which he named the Tasmanian Tiger because of the characteristic striped that appear on the back of the neck. It is such a beautiful guitar, and a real upgrade from the Gitane I have had since 2010.

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