I’ve been very fortunate to receive some funding from Arts Tasmania and Regional Arts Tasmania to travel both to the U.S. and Paris in June 2014, to study with some of the world leading Gypsy Jazz guitarists. These two grants will allow me to purse my passion for this music both by funding my tuition, and placing me in countries where Gypsy Jazz thrives.

In the states I will be spending a week immersing ¬†myself in the New York music scene, checking out as many gigs as I can, before attending ‘Django in June’ (www.djangoinjune.com).¬†This will be a week long camp (June 17th – 22nd) in Northampton, Massachusetts dedicated to the study of this niche genre. It should be amazing, and I highly recommend to any fans and players of this style to check it out.

After ‘Django in June,’ I’ll be flying over to Paris to attend the annual Django Reinhardt Festival (www.festivaldjangoreinhardt.com) in Samois (June 25th – 29th). This is the premiere gathering of Manouche artists, in the country where the music was born, and will be a great opportunity to hear and jam with some leading artists in this genre.

Following the Samois festival I will be renting accommodation in central Paris, and commencing 2 months of private tuition with 3 professional gypsy jazz musicians, namely Antoine Boyer, Christophe Lartilluex and Samy Daussat. These guys are all brilliant musicians, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot out of it.

Living in central Paris will also allow me to see live gypsy jazz performed several times a week. Venues such as Taverne de Cluny, L’atelier Charonne and Bouquet du Nord showcase Manouche music throughout the week, often at no charge to patrons. If I can see guitarist Sebastien Giniaux play at least once, I think my mind will be blown.

Wish me luck

Cheers, Harry