Whilst away overseas I did quite a bit of songwriting. Writing has always been my core interest as a musician really. I love to play guitar, and to play music with others, but writing original material has always been my main source of enjoyment as a musician.

With all this new original material, my trio has decided to change its name from Django’s Tiger to the Harry Edwards Trio. Whilst I’ve always been reluctant to use my own name as a band name, advice I received from professional musicians whilst overseas has changed my view on this, especially with the emphasis on original material the trio seems to be taking.

We’ve decided to leave Django’s name out of it for now. We’ll still be playing some classic gypsy jazz numbers in our sets, however our focus is now very much moving towards original music.

To that end I am excited to announce that we are recording our debut CD next week, with the help of a successful Pozible crowdfunding campaign in partnership with Arts Tasmania. For the recording we are hiring St John’s Church in New Town, Tasmania. This historic church has beautiful acoustics, and I don’t think we could have found a better venue to record our CD. The CD will feature the compositions written during my time in Europe this year, and will be released in early December 2014, followed by a mini tour of Tasmania, and the east coast of Australia.